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New Lego Minecraft Sets for 2016

Minecraft & Lego continue their relationship.

We have already seen some new things from the toy company including these new Lego Minecraft sets for the upcoming year.

If you have enjoyed previous sets, like the Ender Dragon or the Nether Portal, you can be sure you will enjoy these sets.

The Iron Golem

Iron Golem Set # 21123 – The set will feature Alex, Iron Golem, Zombie and a Baby Pig as they venture out into the Minecraft world.

The End Portal
The End Portal

The End Portal #21124 – Treasures abound with this set, which will feature Steve (in Diamond Armor), along with a Cave Spider and a pair of Enderman.

The Wither

The Wither #21126 – Take control of Steve as he takes on the Wither and a pair of Wither Skeleton. How can you go wrong with exploding TNT?

The Jungle Tree House
The Jungle Tree House

The Jungle Tree House #21125 – The largest set of the four will feature Steve, Alex, Ocelot, Sheep, Skeleton, and a Creeper.

Let us know which of the new Lego Minecraft sets for 2016 you are most interested in.

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