Dark Pit Amiibo

Best Buy Releasing Dark Pit Amiibo on July 31

Best Buy will be releasing their exclusive Dark Pit Amiibo on July 31st and you can be sure the demand will out weigh the supply. But will it reach the same craziness as the hunt for a previous Best Buy exclusive Amiibo, Meta Knight. This new exclusive character is from […]

Happy Birthday to Magnificent Mom

We wanted to wish Magnificent Mom Happy Birthday from Legendary Dad and Power Boy. Hope you have an amazing day and thanks for being the best mom and wife ever.


July Loot Crate is Meh

The Heroes 2 theme July Loot Crate was our third shipment we have received and all we can say about this one is meh. The issue we have with it is not the value of the items involved in the shipment but rather the items themselves. Loot Crate Hits The […]

Ant-Man Movie Is Bigger Than Expected

This past weekend we had a chance to see the newest Marvel release, the Ant-Man movie, which was bigger than expected. Before we go any further, it is safe to know we will not give out any spoilers. The movie was a step back from the most recent Marvel creations […]