Hero of the Month: Iron Man

Iron Man

Time to kick off our Hero of the Month series with Iron Man. We wanted to make sure our this series of posts got off on the right foot so it took some time to decided which hero we wanted to discuss first from the comic world. After some discussions, we decided to settle on the hero who has become a fan favorite of late and is one of the favorite ones in our household. Brief History Iron Man premiered in the Marvel world in Tales of Suspense # 39…

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Avengers Age of Ultron Review: Run, Don’t Wait

Avengers Age of Ultron released across the US today and we want to share with you our thoughts in this sequel from the Marvel Universe. For starters we are going to do our best to not give out any spoilers. As expected the movie was filled with action and had some nice fight scenes where we got to see Avengers team up for special moves, like Iron Man and Captain America from the first movie. We also like how they did bring in some new characters like Scarlet Witch and…

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Our Five Favorite Avengers

Avenger 2: Age of Ultron is coming out and we thought this was the perfect time to share Our Five Favorite Avengers. Power Boy and I decided to sit down to come up with this short list from many deserving characters. And no, the field is not restricted to the current day Avengers, so there was plenty to choose from. We took our time looking at everything and anything about them, from their powers to their personality. Iron Man An absolute favorite of Power Boy, Iron Man earns a spot…

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