New Lego Minecraft Sets for 2016

Minecraft & Lego continue their relationship. We have already seen some new things from the toy company including these new Lego Minecraft sets for the upcoming year. If you have enjoyed previous sets, like the Ender Dragon or the Nether Portal, you can be sure you will enjoy these sets. Iron Golem Set # 21123 – The set will feature Alex, Iron Golem, Zombie and a Baby Pig as they venture out into the Minecraft world. The End Portal #21124 – Treasures abound with this set, which will feature Steve…

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Better Late Than Never for Nintendo Wii U Minecraft

Best-selling Sandbox game, Minecraft, arrives on December 17th. The popular PC game has managed to break the final frontier and land on the Nintendo console in the form of the Wii U Minecraft. The game, with seemingly endless possibilities, will give Nintendo fans a change to enter the world of Minecraft and taken on spiders, zombies, creepers, and more. While they are unlikely to cross paths with Herobrine, fans will enjoy the countless creations they can make with a few simple clicks. You will be able to pick up the…

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Terraria Is Coming to Nintendo


In 2016, video game fans can rejoice since the hit game Terraria is coming to Nintendo platform and before their competition, Minecraft. This is good news for the loyal Nintendo followers who have been stuck in limbo while everyone else had a chance to adventure in either of the two popular games. While I am sure most would have preferred to see Minecraft instead, it is a big deal Terraria is coming to Nintendo. Gamers will have a chance to explore a game that does combine some of the elements…

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