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Villain of the Month: Ultron

Movie Villains

The Marvel universe has their fair share of memorable villains, but there are none quite like Ultron.

This is why we had no choice in selecting the ‘John Cena’ of villains, Ultron, when it came to sharing our thoughts for Villain of the Month.

Most people think they know about this maniacal robot from the recent Avengers movie, but you would be sadly mistaken.

Brief History

In 1968, he first appeared in Avengers # 54 but spent the entire issue in disguise as the ‘Crimson Cowl’ and had no known name. Thanks to some flashbacks in follow-up issues, fans learned Ultron was created by Hank Pym.

Things went from there and fans saw various incarnations of Ultron since then. The most interesting and weird came to us in 2007 when Ultron merged with Iron Man’s armor.


You have to love his never quite attitude. No matter how many times the Avengers or other heroes from the Marvel Universe defeat him, Ultron gets back up and goes at it again. Sure he is not always successful, but you have to give him credit for trying.


The Oedipus Complex has been the bane of his existence and part of his downfall over the years. Perhaps if Ultron was able to move past this, he would have found greater success in his ventures.

Ant-Man-Hank-PymBest Hero

Hands down, this is Ant-Man or Hank Pym. The true creator of Ultron in the Marvel universe has had his share of battles with his progeny. The two of them have been tied together from the beginning and there is no expectation to see it change.

The two of them have been tied together from the beginning and there is no expectation to see it change.


Sometimes it is just hard not to like the villain but then there are other times when it is downright easy too. This is the reason why we are calling him the ‘John Cena’ of Marvel villains.

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