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Villain of the Month: Harley Quinn

This month we are going focus on a unique character from the DC Universe, Harley Quinn who made her debut on the big screen last week.

Harley Quinn or the Cupid of Crime did not follow the normal pattern of capturing the attention of the comic world. This does not mean her position in the DC world is any less, considering her every increasing popularity as a villain or anti-hero.

This does not mean her position in the DC world is any less, considering her every increasing popularity as a villain or anti-hero.

We have covered previous villains like Ultron and Doomsday but there is no one like Harley.

Brief History

Dr. Harleen Quinzel first appeared in the 1992 Batman: The Animated Series who falls for the Joker while he was held in Arkham Asylum. She becomes his sidekick and on-again / off-again girlfriend of the villain.

Harley made the transition to the comic world where she lost some of her zany humor from the cartoon and took on a harder violent edge.

After bouncing around in several different titles, she came into her own when she joined Catwoman and Poison Ivy in Gotham City Sirens. She develops a tight relationship with the two other villains. The edition of Harley has paired her up with an amnesic Power Girl who convinces her they are a crime fighting duo.


Sure she is immune to most poisons and toxins, but Harley really shines with when using weaponized props and equipment. There is just something about using an over-sized mallet to smack down your foe.

You could say her craziness or over the edge behavior offers up more positive outcomes than negatives one, but we won’t.


Early on, the biggest negative with her was the soft spot she had for the Joker. It was good to eventually see her move away from the Clown Prince at times, but we know it is only a matter of time before she reverts.

Harley QuinnBest Nemesis

This was a toss up between Batman and the Joker. It was a hard one to pick but we ended up going with the Joker. Yes, she does love him, but you can see he is definitely not good for her in the least. She tends to shine when she is away from the Clown Prince.


Sure she is a few cards short of a full deck of cards, but there is something about Harley that makes it hard to dislike her. She is a solid villain and sometimes anti-hero who can smack a hole in your heart with her big mallet.

Personally we like the original version of Harely from the animated series, but she was represented well in Suicide Squad.

If you have any thoughts on Harley Quinn, let us know where you stand.

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