Kotobukiya Eren Yeager Model Kit Coming Soon

Kotobukiya Eren Yeager

Attack on Titan Fans do not want to miss this.

Kotobukiya added Eren Yeager to the Attack on Titan plastic model kit lineup and we are more than glad that they did.

We have discussed previous Kotobukiya lines, like for My Hero Academia, but this is the first time we decided to look at the model kits. 

This  kit that is both a faithful recreation of Eren’s unique rippling Titan physique as seen in the series with a high level of flexibility due to strategically placed joints which gives you extra bang for your buck.

Here are some images to get a better idea of it.

Overall, we have to say Kotobukiya did an amazing job with the detail in the model. They took the time to add the subtle nuances that would be required since there is nothing to distract the onlooker. 

There are two things that stand out to us. The “Roaring Face” showcases enough emotion to make you feel it. Also the ability to manipulate the line of gaze for the model gives it enough of the creep factor. 

You can order Eren Yeager for $45.99 and expect to have it in your hands around April 2021.

Is the Kotobukiya Eren Yeager model kit attract your attention enough to pick it up?

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