2013 VGB: Power Boy vs. Legendary Dad – Round 4

VGB Champion

For round 4 of our video game battles, Power Boy and I decided to focus our contest on Skylander Swap Force Arena Battles. Specifically we went with Ring Out battles and each character had 3 lives.

Here is a breakdown of the matches.

Countdown lost to Trigger Happy
Enchanted Hoot Loop dominated VooDoo
Legendary Jet Vac fell to Slobbertooth
Night Shift knocked out Gorilla Drilla
Dark Blast Shift took down Rattle Shake

I had the lead in this contest after Slobbertooth easily won the match for me but I ended up on the wrong end of his swappable characters.

Overall Score

Power Boy 23                     Legendary Dad 5

While I would like to say I gained some ground this week, it was not much in the grand scheme of things. At this rate I do not think I am going to break the double digit mark in 2013.

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