2013 VGB: Power Boy vs. Legendary Dad – Week 1

We have decided to start a new series to keep track of our battles in the video game world for the remainder of the year. We decided to kick it off with a pair of best out of ten series in our two favorite games, Skylanders Giants and Injustice.

Here is a brief recap of how things unfolded.

Skylander Giants Arenas
Power Boy 6                      Legendary Dad 1

This started out with me being full of myself and allowing Power Boy to select Giant figures while I was stuck with the smaller versions. I came close several times but could not close the deal.

Injustice: Gods Among Us
Power Boy 6                      Legendary Dad 0

I am sure most folks know, Deathstroke is a pain to beat and Power Boy has his moves down pat. Even when I used my favorite Harley Quinn.

Overall Score

Power Boy 12                     Legendary Dad 1

We are going to go out this week to pick up a trophy and who ever wins for the week will be able to hold on to the trophy until the 2013 season is done.

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