2013 VGB: Power Boy vs. Legendary Dad – Week 2 / 3

VGB Champion

Here is an update to a series we kicked off in September. We did have a brieft battle in October but I forgot to post it so I have combined them here.

This series includes some battles in Injustice and our new favorite game, Skylander Swap Force.

Here is a brief recap of how things unfolded.

Skylander Swap Force Arenas
Power Boy 3                      Legendary Dad 1

I started this one off right with a win, but Power Boy was quick to pick up on my pattern and easily handled anything I was able to throw at him.

Injustice: Gods Among Us
Power Boy 5                      Legendary Dad 1

Power Boy has continued to ride Deathstroke to victory and while I was able to escape with one win, it came when he opted to try another character. I don’t see that happening again.

Overall Score

Power Boy 20                     Legendary Dad 3

As you can see my the image, we have picked out weekly trophy. Since he was on top for the recent week, Power Boy gets to hang it on his door. Maybe when I sneak out a weekly win, I can put it in my office.

Check back for future video game battles.

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