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2015 WWE Survivor Series Predictions

On Sunday WW will celebrate 25 years of the Undertaker and we will to with our 2015 WWE Survivor Series predictions.

Before we get started, we had to say how there is some disappointed there will be not the typical Survivor Series team match. Especially considering they had a via option. But we will go into that later.

On to our 2015 WWE Survivor Series predictions.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze The battle of the pretties has the potential to be an exciting one based on the amount of energy the two wrestlers bring. Expect Summer Rae to get involved but it will help Ziggler more.

Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose The first semi-final match is the more interesting one. While it would be interesting to see Owens in the title match, there is no way they can keep Ambrose out of it.

Roman Reigns vs. Albert Del Rio There is not much guessing needed here for the second semi-final match. Del Rio might give him a small run but Reigns has his ticket punched to the final match.

The Undertaker / Kane vs. Two Members of the Wyatt Family This is where WWE is dropping the ball. They had the potential to create a real memorable four on four match but opted to leave it as the standard tag team. We think the only way they did this is by throwing a swerve at some point. The Brothers of Destruction still win because you can not celebrate 25 years of the Undertaker with a loss.

Charlotte vs Paige The Divas championship sparked some heat this week when the WWE decided to bring in the death of Charlotte’s brother. Fake or not, this should get her worked up and provided a chance at a top of the line match. Paige will miss out on her chance for a thirdtitle.

WWE Championship We have Reigns and Ambrose in the final match. This is a tossup. Power Boy has Reigns winning the title while I have Reigns turning Corporate Heel but losing the title to Ambrose. Sheamus may stop by but don’t think he will be able to turn in the briefcase.

Let us know what you think will happen and share your own WWE Survivor Series Predictions.

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