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2015 WWE TLC Predictions

The 2015 WWE season is coming to a close and that means it is time for our WWE TLC predictions.

The past year for the WWE has been a mixed bag and comes limping home into the final stretch. Even though the TLC event looks to be less than stellar, maybe there is a diamond or two in the rough?

Ryback vs. Rusev While we get to see two heavy weights go against each other, this match still does not make much sense to us. What is worse, it appears Rusev is destined for a loss and will be dropped further down the list of WWE talents.

Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio Mexiamerica appears to be no more after what went down at Raw. Since Brock Lesnar appears to be taking on Del Rio, the US Champion, after this PPV, Swagger has no chance. We expect to see Zeb rolling back in his direction.

The Wyatt Family vs. ECW Originals The nostalgia is nice but the ECW originals do not have a shot in heck against the Wyatt family. Too much has been put into the fearsome foursome to let a group of aging wrestlers knock them off.

New Day vs. Lucha Dragos vs. The Usos This match has the potential to be one of the few bright spots of the night. New Day should come out and be heel-tastic. Combined with the high flying moves of the other two groups, the WWE universe should be entertained. New Day has continued to stay fresh and should retain the title.

Charlotte vs. Paige The match between Paige and Charlotte appears to be worthy but the addition of Ric Flair is drawing it down. We would prefer to see this match settled in the ring and not from outside influence. Charlotte is going to steal with win with a cheap move.

Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose This is the second match of the night where we will see stars in action. Owens and Ambrose are a solid pair and will provide us with some entertainment. Owens is going to earn the win, we just hope they do not draw out a feud until Wrestlemania.

Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus This title match feels meh with Reigns trying to get his WWE Championship back from Sheamus. The League of Nations will stick their nose in to make sure Sheamus leaves TLC as the champ.

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