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Our 2017 Clash of Champions Predictions

2017 Clash of Champions

The wrestling PPV year is coming to a close with a Blue brand focused event.

The 2017 Clash of Champions will need to step up their game if they are going to build upon the recent storylines being pushed on Smackdown.

Raw had Clash of the Champions last time and it will take a decent effort from Smackdown to top it. There is some potential with a few of the matches but they will need to pull a rabbit out of their hat for sure. It needs to be better than Hell in a Cell.

As always we are by no means experts and just love trying to think how the creative minds at WWE are thinking,

On to our 2017 Clash of Champions predictions.

Mojo Rawley vs Zach Snyder

The pre-show match is an interesting one as it pits former tag team partners against each other. We woul dprefer to see Ryder win but know the smart move is for Mojo to earn the victory in this feud.

The Bludgeon Brothers vs Breezango

This early tag team match might have been better served with the Acension rather than Breezango with how the Bludgeon Brothers have been tearing through their opponents. Perhaps this is there speed bump? Doubtful as the Bros earn the win.

Owens & Zayn vs Orton & Nakamura

This match is going to feature a pair of guest referees, Shane and Daniel Bryant. While the match it self should be an interesting one, the real meat of the match will be between what happens with the two refs. KO and Zayn are going to win when Bryant steps in to right a wrong by Shane,

Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler vs Bobby Roode – US Championship

When this was turned into a triple threat match, it was a surprise. Mainly because we thought Ziggler was out of the picture. Now it seems he is being used to take the fall to keep Roode clean and Corbin the champ.

The Usos vs New Day vs Gable/Benjamin vs English/RusevTag Team Championship

The champions, The Usos, are going to have their hands full when they square off against three other teams. It would be interesting to see English/Rusev earn the title even for a month. However coming into Jan, we think they want New Day to have the belts.

Charlotte Flair vs Natalya  – Women’s Championship

The match between these two will be a lumberjack match and while it may not feature a title change, it should provide some drama. Outside the ring of course as the Riot squad will make their presence felt.

AJ Styles vs Jinder MahalWWE Championship

This rematch for the title is not going to be the highlight of the night and that is sad.The only thing that can make this worse is if they let Mahal take the title back. We are hoping there is no chance of this happening.

Share your own 2017 Clash of Champions predictions.

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