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Our 2017 TLC Predictions

2017 TLC Predictions

WWE is scrambling to make suitable matches this weekend for their Tables Ladders Chairs event.

The creative minds at WWE are hoping for a better showing than No Mercy with the upcoming RAW specific 207 TLC PPV this weekend.

The WWE did a better job with Hell in a Cell event but they have a big hill to climb due to several wrestlers. This is going to cause a ripple effect in several of their storylines.

As a reminder, we do not consider ourselves wrestling experts. We just love trying to figure out what the creative minds are planning. On to our 2017 TLC predictions.

Sasha Banks vs Alicia Foxx

The kickoff match is going to be minimal at best but it is a good way to keep Banks on the minds of WWE fans.  Banks should handle Foxx.

Finn Balor vs AJ Styles

With Bray stepping aside due to an unnamed WWE illness, they brought over Style to create some kind of match. Is there a story? No, but it should be a better one than the one WWE creative was working on. This may be the best one of the night

Cedric Alexander/Rich Swann vs Jack Gallagher/Brian Kendrick

A filler match that might have some interesting results. The team of Gallagher & Kendrick has been intriguing and we are curious to see where they go. Despite this, Swann & Alexander will be victorious.

Enzo vs Kalisto Cruiserwieght Championship

The newly crowned champion, Kalisto , will look to keep the title as he defends it against Enzo. Heel Enzo has some guys protecting his side as he apparently found friends. We think they will continue title hot potato as Enzo captures it once again.

Asuka vs Emma

Asuka comes to the WWE and she is going to steamroll poor Emma. We have grown a bit fond of Emma in her recent role and we only hope these two put on a match similar to their NXT days.

Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James Woman’s Championship

James is looking for her seventh title against little Miss Bliss. This was the smart choice to give Asuka some time on RAW before going after the champ. The two should put on a decent match but there is no title change.

Rollings, Ambrose, & Angela vs The Miz, Strowman, Kane, The Bar

This match is going to be a wreck. We saw the first sign of it when Kane came back to join forces with the Miz. The bigger blow came this past week when Reigns was ruled out thanks to the WWE illness.  Angle is stepping up which is nice, but it ruins the story. No clue where it goes from here, so go with the Miz and company.

Let us know what your 2017 TLC predictions are.

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