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Sharing our love of toys, video games, movies, board games, and more.

2018 Best and Worst Edition

2018 Best and Worst

The past year was full of the good and the bad in all forms of entertainment.

2019 is here, making this the perfect time to discuss our 2018 Best and worst edition where we take a look back at a few key categories.

Like previous editions, we will look at several categories near and dear to us but focus on the things we actually experienced. So if we saw three movies last year, then those are the three movies we will pick from.

On to our 2018 Best and Worst edition.

Best Movie – Thought there was some competition, like Black Panther and Into the Spider-verse, Avengers Infinity War takes the top spot. Good thing we have less than five months until the follow-up.

Worst Movie – We had some disagreement here. My choice was Pacific Rim 2 but JG13 Gamer decided upon Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom thanks to a whole host of flaws.

Best Video Game – Super Smash Bros Ultimate takes the cake. The game play and new characters are the main reasons for this. You can find out more when we finish our review later this week.

Worst Video Game – This was hard to choose from because of the games we got this year, they were all worth it. Since we have to choose, it would be Sea of Thieves. It earned the spot because of the lack of gameplay upon initial release.

Best Pop Figure – There were a lot o choices but ended up picking Twisted Foxy. We love the detail in the figure and the unique setup for it.

Worst Pop Figure – Screen Slaver earned this for two reasons. His detail is less than we expected along with the inability to stand up without assistance. Fisher from Bendy was close but we dig the detail.

There you have our brief recap from 2018. Onward and upward in 2019.

Let us know what was your 2018 Best and Worst from any category.

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