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2018 Elimination Chamber Predictions

2018 Elimination Chamber

This RAW specific PPV event is already in the bank despite what WWE is offering.

The 2018 Elimination chamber has several matches that should provide plenty of potential but is much more of a fizzle.

The results of No Mercy are almost forgotten thanks to the fresh memories of the Royal Rumble. The problem is it feels like the creative minds at WWE are going into neutral before the biggest event of the year.

Small reminder, by no means do we consider ourselves experts. We just enjoy trying to figure out the direction they are going to take.

On to our 2018 Elimination Chamber predictions.

Gallows/Anderson vs The Miztourage

This warm for the main PPV events might hold more intrigue if they were going to have Balor take the Miz for the Intercontinental Championship. Perhaps fans were wrong about the Miz/Strowman feud and WWE takes the path of the Club?

The Bar vs. Titus Worldwide Tag Team Championship

Titus Worldwide has been on a streak lately in their matches with the Bar. While this has been entertaining, Titus Worldwide is not ready to take on the champion’s role. The Bar will retain, perhaps with some interference.

Rhonda Rousey Contract Signing

We do like seeing her in the WWE but this would be better off being saved for RAW.

Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt

Not really interesting but it makes sense they added it to the card. The PPV event was struggling for wrestling matches. Thinking Hardy wins and the rematch at Wrestlemania features Sister Abigail.

Asuka vs Nia Jax

There is little to no chance Nia is going to win this match outright. WWE does not want to pin a loss on Asuka. The biggest deciding factor here is if they are going to Rousey take on Flair. Then it would mean Asuka is battle Bliss next month.

Women’s Elimination Chamber

This is the one match where there are a few options. They could have one of the others, like Banks or Bayley win the title only to have Bliss reclaim it on RAW. So if anyone comes out of here with the belt besides Bliss, don’t expect them to be holding it for long.

Men’s Elimination Chamber

There are two choices here. If the creative minds listen to the fans, then it will be Strowman. Othewise it will be Reigns. Vince McMahon is stubborn. While that is how he got the WWE where it is, it is the downfall too. Reigns wins. 

You have heard ours, now share your own 2018 Elimination Chamber predictions.

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