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2018 Fastlane Predictions

2018 Fastlane

This is the last PPV event before Wrestlemania, but will it amount to anything.

2018 Fastlane will be a Smackdown based show and the creative minds at WWE will have their hands full making it interesting for wrestling fans.

The Elimination Chamber did not provide much in the way of suspense and we are expecting more of the same here.

As always we are by no means experts on wrestling experts but just have fun trying to figure things out.

On to our 2018 Fastlane predictions.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Rusev

Rusev can not doing anything right, including earning a win in this match. Nakamura will be getting warmed up for his match against Styles for the title.

Becky Lynch/Naomi v  Natalya/Carmella

Not much to see her in terms of story advancement but glad they are using a woman’s match to act as a filler. It might be enough to keep some fans around.

Bobby Roode vs Randy Orton US Championship

It is a surprise there is no Jinder Mahal in this title match so that leads us to think he will stick his nose in at some point. Perhaps another three way match for the title at Wrestlemania.

 Charlotte vs Ruby Riot Women’s’ Championship

We are glad the creative minds picked the right Riot squad member to take on Charlotte. Though this still does not matter as Charlotte is not going to lose the belt. Perhaps Askua comes over and challenges her for it?

The New Day vs The Usos Tag Team Championship

This is one match WWE fans are not getting tired of…yet. So help spice things up, we think the Bludgeon Brothers will make an appearance and force a three way title match in April. We are starting to see a trend. The Usos retain.

WWE Six Pack Match WWE Championship – AJ Styles appears to have his hands full with five other contenders, but we know there is little chance of him losing the title. Owens and Zayn are pointing to their own match at Wrestlemania and Cena has his own plans. Styles will earn a win over Corbin or Ziggler.

Let us know what your your 2018 Fastlane predictions are.

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