OTS: The Walking Dead Series 9 Figures Are Out

The Walking Dead Series 9 Figures

The Walking Dead is back.

We have a new season of The Walking Dead on AMC so it is perfect time for a new release from McFarlane toys with their Series 9 Figures.

There have been numerous characters featured on the hit television show over the years. Some of them, like Daryl Dixon or Michonne, have become fan favorites.

While there have been others who fans have hoped they would meet their end sooner.

Either way, McFarlane toys has done a bang-up job of creating an action figure line for the casual to hardcore collector.

Now on to the Series 9 figures you will be able to find.

Beth GreeneWalking-Dead-Constable-MichonneWalking-Dead-Grave-Digger-Daryl-DixonWalking-Dead-T-DogWalking-Dead-Death-Scene-Dale-HorvathWalking-Dead-Water-Walker

We are a definite fan of the Grave Digger Daryl Dixon and T-Dog sculpt. How could you go wrong the Water Walker. The rest are better than adequate.

Which one of The Walking Dead Series 9 figures hit the mark and who missed it?

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