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A Hard Pass on the Snyder Cut

Snyder Cut

Did they make the right choice with the revised Justice League?

DC fans were excited when it was announced the Snyder Cut would be making it’s appearance on the HBOMax network in 2021 but honestly we are ready to pass on it.

Before we get to our reasoning, we are a fan of both DC and Marvel. This is not a jab at DC Comics because we wanted to see a great Justice League movie. Instead we were left one that felt like a muddled mess. The thing is Snyder’s version is not going to fix it. There is not a time machine where he can go back in history and remove the first version from existence. No matter what he puts on the screen, it is going to see more like a money ploy than anything.

On to the problems with this new version.

1- There is no denying Snyder is talented.

While this is true, it seems people forget what transpired in BvS. For the sake of this discussion, we will not even discuss the Martha line. Here is someone who thought it was best to focus on his version of Lex Luthor as the main antagonist for the movie. Even better,. he wasted one of Superman’s ultimate villains, Doomsday. We will discuss his looks later. Rather we see how Snyder rushed the movie and crammed in the character just to make sure they could make the move to Justice League. They should have ended the movie with Batman and Superman getting ready to take him on.

2 – CGI is the downfall.

Sure Snyder may throw in Darkseid which can do wonders for character development of our heroes. But you have to question how he is going to look. There is no denying the CGI creations in his movies have been less than stellar. Forget Steppenwolf, what about Doomsday again. He looked worse than the revised TMNTs. On top of it, Snyder is not going to have the same money to draw upon to fix his movie. They are not going to be able to go back and fix how dreadful Cyborg looked. If you think we are wrong, where has there been any real discussion of a Cyborg movie?

3 – Why the rush.

While this one may not be his issue, the recent DC Movies feel like they were being rushed to get caught up with Marvel. This is something that was unrealistic and a bad direction to take. They would have been better off letting Snyder develop the Legion of Doom, which would fit more in line with his style. 

In the end, while we think some of the scenes may make more sense for this release, we don’t think it s going to anything to write home about. The movie is going to still have it’s issues and the damage has been done. It will fall in line with the previous BvS. We might catch it some day, but we are not in any rush.

What do you think of the upcoming Snyder Cut?

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