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A NetherRealm Studios Marvel Fighting Game Could Be Interesting

Rumors have begun to swirl about NRS taking on a new franchise.

There has been recent chatter for NetherRealm Studios Marvel Fighting Game and we have to say that has us a bit excited.

We are a fan of the Mortal Komat and Injustice franchises, so it would only make sense if they delved into another franchise with a rich history. 

But what would we want to see?

The first want we would have is an interesting roster. While we would expect to see some of the original Avengers, we think there is a big opportunity here. There are some Marvel characters who are build for a NRS game and others who might be better off left alone.


Simply it would allow some more creative juices to flow and give fans move sets not see in similar games. We would like to se e the studio stretch their creatives wings for this one. 

We would like to see a difference in terms of appearance. NRS does love using facial capture software but the problem we see is it blends in with the other series. Take a look at the previously mentioned two. There is no denying the connection.

While we are good with some carry over, it would be nice for them to make a unique game that draws a new set of fans instead of the same ones. 

Though this could be all a pipe dream. Or is it? There has been radio silence for Injustice 3 so who knows. Hopefully we hear something soon than later from NetherRealm Studios

What would you like to see in a NetherRealm Studios Marvel Fighting Game?

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