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Sharing our love of toys, video games, movies, board games, and more.

A Pre-order Is Part of the Problem With Video Games


Here we thought it was a good thing for us.

Who would have thought the pre-order bonuses that we have grown accustom to are causing a problems for us. 

One of the first games JG13 Gamer picked up for the pre-order was PVZGW2. He wanted the Grass Effect ZMech for his Imp and he was not disappointed.

Things change though, with the most recent example being Shao Kahn from MK 11. We had high hopes for the character but it changed the moment we played him. Over the year plus life of the game, we saw the character remain at the bottom of the tier ranking. Never to improve.

There was no need since the developers already had their money. They learned if they marketed the bonus the right way, we would eat it up and buy the game.

It is even worse now as games are being sent out before it looks like they even finished the Beta stage. 

The thing is, they were not always part of the problem.

Back when companies started offering these bonuses, fans were getting something truly unique and worthwhile. Eventually it changed over time when companies saw how many more sales they could get before the game even came out. 

To be fair, the consumers are part of the problem. We eat up the bonuses with the hopes of it changing. In the end it never does.

Do you think a Pre-order is part of the issue or no?

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