Action Figure of the Month: Ben Tennyson

Action Figure of the Month

We wanted to kick off a new series with one of the characters that really capture JG13 Gamer’s attention.

Ben Tennyson is the first feature for the Action Figure of the Month and honestly there is no other one who felt right for the position.

JG13 Gamer had a few animated series he enjoyed growing up but none caught his attention like the Ben 10. Honestly we could not blame him. How could you not be enthralled by having an Omnitrix where you can change into one of the aliens whose DNA is housed inside. 

Exactly and that leads us to the title character, Ben Tennsyon from the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien series. 


We found Bandai did a solid job with the translation of the character from the cartoon to real life. There was also enough articulation to pose the character as he wanted too.

Bandai did a great job with the detail they provide along with providing vibrant colors that made the figures feel more realistic. 

We were curious to see what the new Playmates Ben 10 series was going to look like, but we will stick with Bandai’s versions. 

Are you a fan of the Ben 10 series and if so do you have a favorite outside of Ben Tennsyon?

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