Action Figure of the Month: Blaster-Tron

Action Figure of the Month

We decided to take a different approach this month.

This Action Figure of the Month we decided to focus on Blaster-Tron, one of the last Skylander figures that was at the top of our list.

Skylanders are not action figures?

Sure they are not posable, but there are plenty of figures out there that fit this bill. Besides for the sake of this discussion, we are counting them.

To this day we are still amazed at what Activision was able to accomplish and love to see how a form of it lives on in Nintendo. 

Blaster-Tron was orignally a trappble villain and became a Sensei in Skylanders Imaginators which made JG13 Gamer thrilled.



What really stood out for this character and others in the lineup was the detail that went into the character and design. Sometimes the stances were less than desirable but we are able to live with it.

That leaves us with two questions.

Do you think the Skylanders could be considered action figures? And did you have a favorite one?

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