Action Figure of the Month: Mechagodzilla

Action Figure of the Month

We bucked the trend with this action figure.

The time has come to celebrate the Mechagodzilla figure, ones we were not sure if we would enjoy collecting them but were pleasantly surprised.

Last month we took a chance on looking at Skylander figures, this time we decided to try a new line Bandai was offering a few years back. 

They released a set of 3.5″ figures to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of Godzilla. One of our favorite figures from the collection was Mechagodzilla. 




The biggest concern we had was the potential for loss of detail in the sculpt. The artists of Bandai did a solid job putting enough into the figures that the size doesn’t matter.

The only downside we saw was the lack of articulation with some of the figures but in the end, it was something that did not turn us off. 

Bandai definitely made us fan of the smaller figures. 

Is there a certain figure like the Mechagodzilla that you collect outside the norm?




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