Action Figure of the Month: Trackmaster Thomas The Train

Action Figure of the Month

There are no stinky diesel engines here.

The Trackmaster Thomas the Train took home the honors this time for Action Figure of the Month.

Sure some may say this is not an action figure, but we think it holds all of the same characteristics. You can use it to create an active/passive scene along with having movable parts. 

JG13 Gamer was a fan of the various versions of Thomas the Train, but by far was the Trackmaster series.

The motorized engines allowed him to set up tracking running all over his room and create every scenario possible. He even recorded a few of them to watch again and again. 

Pardon the stock image with this train as JG13 Gamer’s collection has been boxed up and stored away for when he has his own children. 

It is truly amazing to see what grand adventures children can come up with even the simplest of items. 

Are there any other Trackmaster Thomas the Train fans out there?

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