Action Figure of the Month: Way Big

Action Figure of the Month

Who doesn’t like giant alien forms?

Way Big was one of the more memorable figures from our favorite animated series so it makes sense it earned a spot here. 

The new series returns back to the Ben 10 roots with a look at one of one figure that made a impact. 

When it came to the Ultimate Alien series, the favorite alien transformation was Way Big. First there was the cool color design where it was the perfect blend of red and white. in addition, he could transform into a giant figure. 

But this change made us wonder what they would do with the Ben 10 action figure?

We were not disappointed with what Bandai came up with. They created a character where you could have him in two different sized. 

You could make him ‘transform’ by extending his arm, legs, and headfin. This was the perfect way to feel like you changing the character. 

This action figure became the prize possession of JG13 Gamer for a few years until he shelved him for safe keeping. 

If you were a fan of the Ben 10 series, what did  you think of Way Big?

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