Age of War Game is Worth Picking Up

Age of War

Battling in feudal Japan is always a fun way to spend a Friday night.

Fantasy Flight Games have announced the addition of another Reiner Knizia game, Age of War to their collection.

The dice game is based in feudal Japan where you take the role of rival daimyos try to conquer castles to unite Japan.

Though it has dice like other games, Cthulhu and DC Comics Dicemasters, there is a different approach with Age of War.

A number of castles are placed on the board and to conquer a castle players have to roll the dice to win. You match up symbols match on the castle cards. If you have enough you end up the conqueror. Each castle has a different point value and you get a bonus if you conquer all the castles from a single clan.

We do like the overall feel of the game. There is minimal strategy but enough to keep you interested. The designs on the dice and cards is top notch. We only tried with two players, so it would be interesting to see how Age of War played out with four players. Might make things more interesting.

This is the perfect dice game to pick up and add to your collection.

Would you consider picking up Age of War to give it a try?

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