Aladdin Pop Figures Coming Soon

Aladdin Pop Figures

This new Funko line is long over due for a follow-up.

The collectible giant has announced new wave of Aladdin Pop Figures will be released soon and it will be the perfect teaser for fans of the movie.

We are a fan of the Disney pop figures we have seen in the past, like Kingdom of Hearts, so this line caught our attention.

This time around, the figures will consist of the following.

  • Jasmine
  • Chase Jasmine with Apple
  • Abu as Elephant
  • Lago
  • Genie
  • Prince Ali

Here are some images of the Aladdin Pop Figures.


For starters, we do like the characters they chose for this Pop figures. We do like the twist on Apu seeing how he would look as an elephant.

The only gripe we have now is we would have preferred to see a variant of Genie instead of Jasmine. While it is an interesting one, we would prefer a bigger difference between the regular and chase version.

We could expect to see these new figures come out before the live action of Aladdin.

What do you think of these new Aladdin Pop Figures?

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