All About the Money for Capital Games

Galaxy of Heroes

There is a time and place for mobile game developers to make a decision.

SWOGH by Capital Games has been a part of our lives for well over three years, but is trending in the wrong direction.

The game caught our attention with the diverse characters and how they tied it all together. While the game play was not innovated, it did bring a sense of accomplishment when team counters or new approaches were found.

There is lack of loyalty to the ones who spend a few dollars or FTP. The focus tends to be on the Whales who will drop any amount to ensure they have the newest toys.

This result in a change to some of the character mechanics. The ones where it allowed players to take on the higher level squads with unique talents.

On top of it, the direction has been for them to monetize every aspect of the game. They bring in a new feature, like Galactic Conquest. Within less than a year, they have altered it to the point where you need to buy a “pass” to earn the better loot at a quicker pace.

It is fine if games change. They should otherwise it means there is no reason to play. The problem is the game should change for the better of the customer and the company. Not just the company.

In the end, SWGOH will continue on. The fan base is for Star Wars is too big and Capital Games will find a way to do just enough to bring in new meat to replace the ones leaving.

What is your experience with Capital Games?

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