Angry Birds 2 Releasing on July 30

While bouncing around on You Tuibe, Power Boy found an interesting trailer teaser for Angry Birds 2, scheduled to be released on July 30th.

While this is not much of a trailer, it does have to get Angry Bird fans a bit excited. While they have been different variations on the game released in 2009, none of the have met the equal of the original.

The big test for Angry Birds 2 is are they going to bring something new to the table or just rehash old ideas. Rovio needs to step up and give us just not new birds and enemies to fight, but new mechanics are a must for the game.

Oh if you are bad at remembering keys dates, visit the official Angry Birds 2 website to sign up for an email reminder when it is available on the app stores.

We are looking forward to see what they come up for the new game. Are you excited for the game or are you worn out of Angry Birds?

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