Angry Birds Movie Trailer Raises Questions

The 2016 movie lineup got more interesting this past week when the Angry Birds Movie trailer was released. Yes, the same lovable birds from the popular game are coming to the big screen.

If you have not had the chance to see it, check out the official trailer here.

The biggest thing fans will need to get used to in the Angry Birds movie is the new look of the birds, meaning their bodies. Some of the birds, like Bomb, seems correct, but when you get to Red and Chuck, they seem weird. Oh and do not get us started on the Pigs.

Another big question we have is the plot of the movie. Angry Birds have had some entertaining cartoon shorts, but they lasted only a few minutes. We are not sure if there is enough out there to fill an Angry Birds movie. We don’t see the length of the film exceeding 85 minutes.

It will be interesting to see how the movie shakes out since it is a few years removed from when Angry Birds were at their high point in popularity.

This may be one of those incidents when it is a little too late.

Unless something changes, you can be sure we will catch this movie when it runs on cable. What do you think of the Angry Birds movie and it chances in the theaters?


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