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Ant-Man and Wasp Has Ups and Downs

Ant-Man and Wasp

This time around, Ant-man has a partner and it is a welcomed sight.

Marvel is back at it again expanding their universe with the newest addition of Ant-man and Wasp to the fold.

The sequel had a lot to live up to from the first Ant-man but this time around he has help. We see the same set of characters from the original movie but they have bigger parts now. We are also introduced to a new villain, Ghost, who has ties to the world Janet Van Dyne was lost in.

We will avoid giving out any spoilers in our Ant-man and Wasp review.

For starters,  they did an excellent job with the bringing Wasp into the fold. You see her do enough in the first movie to set the basis for her training and being able to handle herself.  This also saved the need for any drastic backstory which can drag down comic book movies.

Another positive is some of the different approached they took with the movie, like the scenes where Scott’s regulator malfunctions. It helps keep the tone of the movie at the same level.

The new villain may not be on the same level as Kilmonger or the Vulture, but we were glad to see there was a real reason behind her actions.

Normally we do not put a post-credit scene here, but man this was one of the best ones in the Marvel universe. It ties in when the movie takes place and gives fans hope as to a path that can possibly reverse the damage Thanos has done.

Despite the positives, there are some issues with the movie.

First, there seems to be too many side plots which takes away from the main arc. It is hard to decide which ones should be cut but we think Marvel could have taken a different route.

In addition, there are several open holes at the end of the movie with some of the characters. We won’t go into it but there are plenty of questions still when the credits roll.

In the end, the Ant-Man and Wasp movie is a good watch in theaters and brings some levity after what we experienced in Infinity Wars.

Let us know what you thought of Ant-Man and Wasp.

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