April 2022 Bootleg Toys

Bootleg Action Figures

Bootleg toys are something special to behold.

The April 2022 Bootleg toys were selected and we admit there were a few interesting ones that we uncovered.

Last month we focused on some smaller franchises, but this time around we wanted to look at those that span the years.

This month’s selection features bootleg toys from the following franchies.

  • Superman
  • Star Trek
  • Spider-man
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Honestly this month was  hard. Each of them had something unique about them, but in the end Special Man is our selection. 

Our second favorite on is solider Spider-Man.

Sure the packaging is awful and the sculpt could be better, but the name did it for us.

Which April 2022 Bootleg Toys is your favorite?

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