April Means Pop Disney Kingdom Heart Figures

Pop Disney Kingdom Hearts

Funko is about to make fans of the famous Disney crossover series happy with their newest set of Pop Figures.

Funko has tackled other video game characters, but this time around they have created a new Pop Disney Kingdom Hearts line.

While we liked seeing figures from Resident Evil and FNAF  these based on Kingdom Hearts are a sure fire hit.

Perhaps it is because the Disney characters seem to be a perfect fit for the medium.

Here are the following figures Funko will be releasing.

  • King Mickey
  • Donald Duck, the Mage
  • Goofy, the Knight
  • Pete, a Villain
  • Chip & Dale, managers of the Gummi Shop
  • Black & White Pete (Walmart Exclusive)
  • Kingdom Goofy (Gamestop Exclusive)
  • Kingdom Donald (Hot Topic Exclusive)

Here are some images of the Pop Disney Kingdom Hearts figures.


These cool looking Pop Figures will be available in stores this April.

If you could only pick one, which Pop Disney Kingdom Hearts figure would you collect?

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