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Aquaman Movie Gives Some Hope

Aquaman Movie

Yes the man can talk to fish and oh so much more.

For the second year in a row, we took advantage of our Amazon Prime account and got to see an early showing of the Aquaman movie.

When this was first announced, there was some concerns on how it would play out. Some of the feelings were alleviated thanks to what we saw in the Justice League movie, but not all of them.

With that in mind, it is time to sit down and take a look at the Aquaman movie. We will do our best to limit any spoilers but be warned.

On the positive side, we do love the new take on Aquaman.

Sure I was a fan of the older version from the 1980’s but this new version fits him as well. Perhaps it has to do with Jason taking on the role, but overall the character is well written and makes you connect with him.

Also really enjoy the visuals in the movie. We were worried at first with some of what we saw in the first trailer, but things were cleared up. It was interesting to see Lucasfilms had a part in this.

Even though we liked the movie, there are a few things we thought they could have done better.

One of those has to do with the secondary villain, Black Manta. Personally we think his introduction should have waited more until the end of the movie and let us focus more on Oceanmaster. There were too many unanswered questions about Black Manta, especially when it came to him converting the technology.

Second, there were a lot of moments that left us hanging. We expected something to happen, maybe a villain turn or a sudden death, at different parts in the movie. When they didn’t come, we were let down.

We are not sure if it was just us, but it felt like they chose to cut out certain paths from the movie but never thought about removing the teasers up to them.

Lastly, we do like seeing 360 degree camera sweeps but sometimes they can be too much.

In the end, we this this is a solid DC movie, right up there behind Wonder Woman. If you are a fan of comics, this is something you should check out in theaters.

When you see the Aquaman movie, let us know what you think of ot.

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