August Loot Crate Villains 2 Hits The Mark

Our August Loot Crate arrive today and while we were a bit worried about the Villains 2 box, we have to say they hit the mark. Part of our worry was a result of the July Loot Crate which was not so stellar.

August Loot Crate Hits

By far the biggest win from this month was the Carnage 3D mug.While we would have liked to grab the Venom mug, this one is even more impressive.

One thing that did surprise was was the Los Pollos Hermanos cooking apron from Breaking Bad. Though I missed the train on watching the show, it is a bit stylish and perfect to keep the BBQ sauce off the clothes.

The Captain America Hydra Pin and the Villains 2 Button were perfect as finishing touches on this box. I might be tempted to keep the Hydra pin to wear around the office.

August Loot Crate Misses

We were on fence with the The Joker Wooden Figure but decided to place it here. While we dig the Joker as a villain from the DC universe, the wooden figure is less than appealing. Perhaps if he didn’t look so bulky, we might be more inclined to like it.

There you have our thoughts. Let us know what you think of the August Loot Crate?

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