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Avengers Endgame Review: Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This

Avengers Endgame Review

Marvel reminds us the importance of relationships.

The long await movie has hit theaters this week and we could not way to share our spoiler free Avengers Endgame Review with any fans of the MCU.

Fans have been counting down the days since Avengers Infinity Wars and all we have to say the worth was more than worth it.

The time has come for the heroes to rise back up and fix what Thanos did. Despite the theories you might have heard, there is noting that can prepare you for this movie.

Let’s kick off our Avengers Endgame review, which promises to be spoiler free.

The start of the movie tries to prepare you what you will expect for the rest of Endgame.

Plenty of characters get their love in the movie, but the original Avengers get most the attention and it is well deserved.

The final act is simply amazing. The ups and down during it had everyone in the theaters on the edge of their seat.

Lastly, the Russo brothers do a solid job of tying everything together and giving logical reasons as to why things happen and do not rely upon movie logic.

In the end, Marvel gets what makes the connection in movies. Sure you can spend millions of dollars on special effects, but it is the relationship of the characters and how we relate that sells it.

That is why there are countless of meaningful spots through the three hour affair.

Oh yeah those three hours never felt like it. You are drawn in to the movie and locked in throughout.

On to the negatives about the Avengers Endgame.

Honestly at this time, where was noting glaring with it. Perhaps after a second watch through we will find more things that stick out. Until then we will close out our Avengers Endgame Review.

In the end, if you were a fan of even one of the Marvel movies, this is a must see in the theaters. Maybe even twice.

The Russo brothers did an amazing job of creating an immense movie with having so much to work it. What is in store for the future of Marvel? Who knows but for now we are more than content.

If you had a chance to see it, share with us your spoiler free Avengers Endgame Review.

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