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Avengers Infinity War: 10 Years To Get To This Moment

Avnegers Infinity Wars

The latest edition to the Marvel Universe, spoiler free.

It is hard to believe 10 years has gone by since Marvel started us on this adventure and Avengers Infinity War reaches the peak many of us never imagined.

Everyone has their favorite character, like Iron Man or Captain America. but there is a chance some of them are not going to make it until the end. That will be in part due to the arrival of Thanos in all his glory.

A bigger question was with all of these heroes on the screen, is it capable of living up to some of the previous films, like Civil War.

On to the review of Avengers Infinity War.


Thanos was fleshed out and easily became a solid villain who had a lot more to him. You see the range of him from his desire to remove half of the population of the galaxy to what else is important to him.

We did like the addition of the Black Order. The one that stood out the most was Ebony Maw. JG13Gamer thought the character was portrayed perfectly and was entertaining to listen to him speak.

Some of the character deaths were expected, but a few did catch us off guard.

The ending may feel off but it is something we have not seen in other super heroes movies.  While there is more to this saga, you will be left with a mixture of feelings not sure where things will be heading.


We do like the ending but there is a bit of a cliff hanger there as we do not know which direction they are going to take.There is a lot of potential but they could put themselves behind the eight ball if not done right.

In the end, Marvel did a great job of building their universe to make fans care what was going to happen and intertwine the movies into a long coehesive story.

If you have been around for one or all of the previous Marvel movies, make sure to avoid spoilers and check out the Infinity War sooner than later. 

Let us know what you thought of the Avengers: Infinity War.

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