Avengers Marvel Legends The Watcher BAF Looks Interesting

Marvel Legends

Hasbro is doing something long over due.

An upcoming Avengers Marvel Legends set will include The Watcher BAF which is something old school Marvel fans will be clamoring for. 

The toy company continues to do a solid job when they create the lineup for the Marvel Legends series. This time around there is no exception.

The following characters will be a part of the set.

  • T’Challa Star-Lord
  • Zombie Captain America
  • Captain Carter
  • Zombie Hunter Spidey
  • Doctor Strange Supreme
  • Heist Nebula
  • Sylvie
  • The Watcher BAF


We are a huge fan of what Hasbro did with this Marvel Legends collection. 

They took the smart path and started diving into the What If series on Disney+ and grabbed the more standout characters. The only thing that is still off putting is Nebula and her hair.

If we had to go with one, it would be Doctor Strange Supreme, but honestly we would not mind picking up the entire collection.

Are you considering picking up the entire Avengers Marvel Legends The Watcher BAF or just individual characters?

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