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Awesome Fan-Made Doctor Strange Movie Title Sequence

Pop Doctor Strange

We came across this fan made Doctor Strange movie title sequence the other day by This is Productions and felt we had to share.

When it was first announced there was going to be a Sorcerer Supreme movie, I was more than excited even though most would consider me only a casual fan of Doctor Strange.

Yes, I do know the back story but not all of the intricacies Marvel does with the majority of their characters. My interested in him was renewed when Power Boy and I saw an episode of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes featuring him.

I am curious to see the direction Marvel is going to take with the movie and bring his powers onto the big screen. I think there is a chance for them to do something unique to genre and bring in a whole new generation of Doctor Strange fans.

But enough of that since I am sure you came to see this awesome Doctor Strange movie title sequence. So without further waiting, here it is.

[cvm_playlist theme=”default” aspect_ratio=”4×3″ width=”640″ volume=”30″ videos=”1286″]

We were not sure of what to expect when we watched the video but to say it impressed us would be an understatement. I think the use of the comic style graphics is a different from what we have seen with Marvel movies in the past and it fits in with the whole there.

Oh the music selection for this title sequence was perfect just like the selection of Benedict Cumberbatch to play the lead role. While there may have been bigger names, after seeing Cumberbatch play Sherlock Holmes, we are sold on his portrayal of Strange.

The Doctor Strange movie can not get here fast enough.

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