Bad Comic Book Cover: Fantastic Four # 301

Fantastic Four # 375


A trip down memory lane with the Fantastic Four again.

The Fantastic Four # 301 issue is the first time we have returned to the same series for our Bad Comic Book Cover series.

Perhaps it is a good thing we moved on from the Alf cover. Or maybe not once you take a look at this one.

This issue was released in 1961 and the cover is by Ron Frenz and Joe Sinott. 


One of the biggest we tend to see has to do with proportion of the characters and this issue is no exception. For starters, there mere size of the Wizard’s head is alarming. It takes up a good 25% of the window. That is not even plausible if he has his head in the window. 

Then there is the Wizard’s arm too.

Another issue we see is the size of Franklin Richards and how his body contorts. Some pieces are missing while others are shown. We understand the artists was trying to display Richards being yanked out of the taxi but it could have been drawn in another posture. Maybe he is reaching out to Ben with both arms?

Lastly is the size or lack of the Thing. He looks to be the size of a normal human in the vehicle. 

What do you think of the cover for Fantastic Four # 301?

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