Bad Comic Book Cover: Sonic The Hedgehog #27

Fantastic Four # 375

Time to dip into the iDW world.

We are taking a look at IDW issue of Sonic The Hedgehog #27 for this edition of Bad Comic Book Covers.

This time around we are going to take a break from the DC and Marvel universe. This time the thought of going fast had us taking a look in the direction of a favorite publisher, IDW.

The IDW issue was published on March 2020 and the cover was created by Jon Gray.



You know how they say there is such a thing as too much?

This is the perfect example. Here we have a cover where every possible inch is given to show as many as possible. While this might be good in there, it makes to be a jumbled mess, especially thanks to the coloring aspect.

Part of the problem this causes is the character seemingly blend into each other and overlap. They would have been better off going with a few characters.

What do you think of the Sonic The Hedgehog #27?

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