Bad Comic Book Covers: Action Comics 457

Fantastic Four # 375

Sometimes it is all about perspective.

Our focus will remain on DC Comics heroes as we take a look at Action Comics 457 and what it brings to the table. 

We are venturing back to issue 457 which was published in March 1976 by DC. The story centers on Superman and his secret identity. 

Without further delay, here is the cover in question.

Action Comics 457


Honestly there is not wrong with the cover. The dark background draws attention to the figures. The lettering stands out and the character designs is about on point. 

The issue comes with position, which is something we have seen previously.

This sticks out because of how the young boy is crying and on his bed. Behind him we see Clark Kent taking off his clothes to reveal his Superman outfit. 

The problem is a quick glance of the cover could give the observer other thoughts. This is one of those covers that might give a less informed person a reason not to pick it up.

What do you think of the cover for Action Comics 457?

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