Bad Comic Book Covers: Alf #48

Fantastic Four # 375

Sitcoms venturing into comic land did bring some interesting results. 

The monthly series continues with Alf # 48, which was featured to capture the attention of children and scar them for life.

Maybe not the second part, but afte ryou see the cover you might change your mind.

This time we took a break from DC Comics and ventured back to the world of Marvel. In fact, to a little known series that ran in the late 1980’s based on the hit sitcom, Alf



Honestly we are not sure what they were thinking with this cover.

It would have made more sense if it looked like Alf was sticking the seal into a bag and walking off with him. Instead they decided to make it look like he was taking it for a ride and not in a good way.

On top of it, the seal’s coloring feels off. It is more of a sickly green as opposed to a more natural brownish. Perhaps he blended too much with Alf.

Either way, this cover was a big miss and something we regret showing you.

What do you think about Alf #48?

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