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Bad Comic Book Covers: Avengers Vol 1 #392

Fantastic Four # 375

The Avengers have looked better.

Avengers Vol 1 # 392 is our next cover that we felt needed to be discussed for our Bad Comic Book Cover series.

Maybe you thought we could not follow up the first cover featuring the Fantastic Four, but you would be mistaken. This time around we stayed within the Marvel world and focused on the Avengers.

Again the purpose of these discussions are not an indication of bad art, rather questionable design decisions. 


Avengers Vol 1 #392


There are a few things that caught our attention and not in a good way. The first one has to do with the dark shadows covering up the characters. While we understand how lighting works. 

The problem is there appears to be conflicting light sources. The shadows on the front of the character have random light points to bring in more color to the characters. They would have been better off to have the light shine in from the side and give partial shadows. It would have given us better contrast. 

Another issue we have is the missing body parts. While the Swordsman appears to have all of the necessary body parts, his fellow heroes show missing feet, ankles, etc. 

The last issue deals with the background. Maybe the characters are coming through a portal, but it is hard to tell since the colors appear to meld together.

What do you think of the cover for Avengers Vol 1 #392?

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