Bad Comic Book Covers: Captain America # 2 1996

Fantastic Four # 375

We are venturing into Rob Liefeld territory. 

The Bad Comic Book Covers series rolls on with Captain America # 2 1996 and features someone who folks either love or hate.

We all knew the time would come when we discussed one of Rob Liefeld’s covers and there is none better to discuss than this Marvel one featuring Captain America. 

Captain America # 2 1996

Rob never disappoints when it comes to human body comparisons His right arm look like it is dislocated at the elbow. Then there is the size of his head. It looks small on the massive body. 

What happened to Steve’s clothes? Rob might have been better off going with no shirt?

Is Steve kneeling on the ground or pushing off?

What is up with Nick Fury’s eyepatch? It look like it was paint on in place.

The last issue and the biggest one deals with the floating woman’s head and arms? We are not sure what is from who.

There is plenty more we can discuss about this, but we don’t want to spoil all of the fun. 

Is there anything else that sticks out about Captain America # 2 1996?

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