Bad Comic Book Covers: Catwoman # 0 The Secret Origin of Selina Kyle

Fantastic Four # 375

Sometimes it can be too much.

Catwoman # 0 The Secret Origin of Selina Kyle has been selected as our Bad Comic Book Cover and boy there is no denying the impact it has.

We decided to close out the year by dipping back into the world of DC with a fan favorite, Catwoman. 

The cover for The Secret Origin of Selina Kyle was created by Guillem March and was released in Jan 2012.

Catwoman # 0


There is one positive about the cover. We do like the concept of the character coming through the cover. The problem is based on the drawing, she is already out of it.

That is what leads us to the biggest issue. They position the body so you can get a glimpse of what they consider some of her better assets. This reminds us of the Spider-Woman cover a few years back.

They would have been better served leaving that part hidden by the white background.

Let us know what you thought of the Catwoman # 0 cover.

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