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Bad Comic Book Covers: Fantastic Four #375

Fantastic Four # 375

A look at those special covers that make you think.

We are kicking off this series with a bad comic book cover for the Fantastic Four # 375 which was released in 1993 by Marvel.

The purpose of this monthly series is for us to explore those covers we have seen over the years that make us question the design choices. By no means are we calling into the abilities of the artists. After all, we do make mistakes. 



The first issue we have with the cover is how busy it is. The color of the background image blends in with the characters and makes it feel like it is one continuous piece. A clear background would have worked better.

Which super hero group is being featured? While we know it is the Fantastic Four, we are lost when you see a portion of the word “Four” across the top. They would have been better leaving it off. 

Then we have the questions involving the weaponry. While some might use it, a few of the character never would. Maybe it is answered in the story line. Also, why is the Thing wearing a helmet? This one is lost on us.

The last issue we see is the different text styles, specifically in the “Rise of Doom”.  With the color scheme they used, you can barely see the word Doom and might gloss over it.

What do you think of this cover for Fantastic Four # 375?

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