Bad Comic Book Covers: Flash #343

Fantastic Four # 375

Even zombies need to mind their manners.

Our Bad Comic Book Covers series continues with a look at Flash #343 which was released in March 1985.

Though it seems we are on a DC Comics trend, we promise you we are not. Besides we all know it will only take us an article or two before Rob Liefield draws us back in.

Flash #343


While this is not the worst cover we have seen, this one sticks out to us where things went wrong.

The first is the catchy line at the bottom where it teases what readers are going to learn. The lawyer’s secret. Since it is in italics, it must be important. 

Another issue we have is the back drop of the scene, specifically the moon. We have seen some full moons in our time, but man this one is huge.

The last positioning issue we see is where the hand is coming up from the grave. It looks like the first thing it has on its mind is grabbing her rear. 

Had the artist taken a different direction, it might have felt more compelling. 

Let us know what you think of the cover for Flash #343.

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