Bad Comic Book Covers: Green Lantern # 22

Fantastic Four # 375

Back in time we go with our Bad Comic Book Cover series.

When Green Lantern # 22 was brought to our attention, we were skeptical at first but things changed when we saw it.

See, we thought Action Comics had given us the cream of the crop when it comes to suggestive covers, but it looks like we might be wrong. 

The cover for the October 1946 issue was created by Paul Reinman. 


Green Lantern # 22

Sure the cover came out in 1946, but we are still unsure why this is something DC Comics would have gone with. It just feels off to us.

Maybe they thought it was okay to have a tree smacking the rear end of a grown adult.

Another issue we had with the cover is the circle spot used to focus on the characters. It offers up more dead space and tends to make it stick out more to us

On top of it, the Green Lantern title feels rushed and a bit haphazard.

Are we over reacting with the Green Lanterns # 22 cover?

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